InspiredBy DirkRiehle [*|] , PeterNorvig's TheorizingFromData and similar to [WikiPedia:Test-driven_development] or [WikiPedia:Model-driven_development]: MindBroker performs WikiDrivenDevelopment:
  • The very first prototype of a WebApp is a WikiPage.
  • User and data are first created as WikiPage's in the wiki. They include:
  • WikiHomePage's of users themselves
  • Software developers
  • The [WikiWikiWeb:GoldOwner]
  • by RePeat'edly observing RecentChanges, typical UseCase's are identified and successively automated
  • The PageIndex is the foundation for the project glossary and the DomainModel.
  • Structured data is first captured in the MindWiki as WikiTable's, MindTags or MindProps.
  • As soon as a WikiTable is edited more frequently, the table columns are used as a first draft of the DomainModel.
  • With the DomainModel we develop a WebApp, which replaces the WikiTable
  • Step by step, routine processes in the MindWiki are simplified and the MindFlow is AcCelerate'd.
  • via MindApi, more and more WebApp's are developed around the MindWiki.
  • Examples: ||WikiPage ||WebApp ||DomainModel class |BankAccount ||Depot,Payment |CitiZens | |User |WechselKurs ||CurrencyAuction |WikiLender | | |MindFloor | |Bid,Ask,ShareOrder,TimesSales |DoIt |bald |Item