TheNooSphere is a WikiBased multiplayer online ScienceFiction authoring and RolePlayingGame to InVent scenarios for TheFuture, with a time horizon UnTil2056 and beyond. TheNooSphere is based on an evolving HardScienceFiction novel, where you can be both an author and actor to shape your and our TimeToCome. The first player of TheNooSphere was RainerWasserfuhr. He started in 2007. He then opened it to other CitiZens. The name is InspiredBy the »NooSphere« as used by TeilhardDeChardin, to describe the emergence of a new Sphere of MiNd that ConNect's humanity as a whole. If you want to participate in TheNooSphere, you should join our MicroNation »NooPolis«. NooPolis is our futuristic WikiBased digital MicroNation. It defines the rules (→ ConStitution) and the players (→ CitiZens). The HardScienceFiction novel with the title »NooSphere« is planned to be released annually. The first one will be a PrintOnDemand version, and later on might be distributed via a traditional publisher. Due to the amazing beauty of the main locale »SiSanien«, the first releases will be in LangDe, but it might TransLate'd into EngLish and other WorldLanguages soon. Currently the following chapters are part of »NooSphere«:
  • KlappenText
  • EndMontage
  • SeaNation
  • RayInDresden
  • Candidates:
  • SiSanien
  • PeterPlan
  • WindelWelt
  • MindQuestOne
  • PieschenerRevolution
  • DistanzSpiel
  • More: AriadneFaden Additionally, our WikiBased UniVerse consists of:
  • The MindWiki
  • The MindMap with hundreds of MindPlace's
  • other MindPeople, who might not yet be CitiZens of NooPolis
  • RealLife-MindEvent's for ConnectingBeautifulMinds
  • The FutureMap with dozens of FutureCard's, describing advanced scenarios for the TwentyFirstCentury