A ForeSight scenario from MindBroker ReSearch: A virtual TransparentSociety with a SemanticWeb based SupplyChain connecting customers and suppliers. Example WikiSpec: ||year||Customer ||bugdet ||supplier ||product |2008|happy first OpenConsult-customer|10000 EuRo|RainerWasserfuhr|OpenConsult |2008|RainerWasserfuhr | 1000 EuRo|MindPlus |food errands |2008|RainerWasserfuhr | 1000 EuRo|MlpAg |LebensVersicherung |2008|RainerWasserfuhr | 1000 EuRo|MindWings |MindMove |2008|RainerWasserfuhr | 6000 EuRo|MindHome |rental |2009|RainerWasserfuhr | 1200 EuRo|MlpAg |LebensVersicherung |2010|RainerWasserfuhr | 2000 EuRo|AppleInc |MindMac |2012|RainerWasserfuhr | 2000 EuRo|AppleInc |MindMac Soon you could be able to export the above table to RDF and ask SPARQL based queries like: {{{how much do friends living in CityOfDresden pay in average for their rent? }}}