RainerWasserfuhr (BirthDay: 28 May 1969 WipperFuerth) is a ReSearch'er. RainerWasserfuhr was born in SummerOfSixtyNine in StJosefKrankenhaus. His parents gave him in 1973 his only sister ManuelaWasserfuhr. He visited the KinderGarten in WipperFuerth, the Catholic ElementarySchool in WipperFeld and the EvbGymnasium WipperFuerth. In 1988 he went to the computer science studies at the UniKl. There he heard, among other things lectures' s of HorstHamacher, TheoHaerder, ReinerHartenstein, HeinerMuellerMerbach and DieterRombach. In 1989, he received unexpected visit from RainerWasserfuhr2009. Toward the end of his studies, he began studies in PholoSophie, sociology and mathematics at the FernUniHagen. Toward the end of his studies he learned about the WorldWideWeb. After his graduation in 1995 he joined the TuDresden. At the chair of ProFessor RaimarScherer he explored, among other things, web based WorkFlow systems for the BauInformatik. In 1999 he founded MindBrokerKg together with YvonneSchubert. In August 2002, shortly after the Elbe floods in 2002, he began to build for the MindBrokerKg the business consulting, as he drove almost every week with his green Audi 80 as a commuter to NuernBerg and the then SiemensDematic the construction of ContRol - SoftWare the new baggage handling system for AirPort MadridBarajas as ReQuire'ment engineer. Since late 2003, he BookMark'ed pretty much everything at DelIcioUs. In 2004, he participated in the development of a Java-based PrintOnDemand SoftWare for product catalogs from AdiDas. In 2005 he assisted GeDas in developing a forwarding request software for DeutschPost. In 2006, he optimized the ApacheMaven-based build management at ComBots. In 2007 he began designing NooPolis too. He is interested in philosophy, among other things, Java, SocialSoftware, Go, NoMic, and WiKi. Among the thinkers whom he especially values are GottfriedWilhelmLeibniz, ImmanuelKant, TeilhardDeChardin, LudwigWittgenstein, NiklasLuhmann, GunterDueck and RayKurzweil. He is particularly interested in ArTelligence and TheSingularity. Therefore, he has also begun to be using the MindWiki first parts of his ConScious'ness digitize and build a LifeWiki.


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