CitiZens of NooPolis can use PredictionMarket's to PreDict the future of the TwentyFirstCentury. Each PredictionMarket in NooPolis has stocks with 1.000 shares. The PieschenBank defines the IPO price and a buy-back price for the winning stock, which is backed by the GovernmentBudget. Some candidates for future PredictionMarket's:
  • BundesKanzler09
  • BundestagsWahl09
  • DieLetzteZeit
  • GermanysBestWebFounder
  • LongBetOne
  • PEqNp
  • PeterTuri
  • PhantomZeit
  • QuantumMind
  • SeaLevel
  • SintFlut
  • TwinPrime
  • UsElection08
  • WaldSchloesschenBruecke