In our world of AcceleratingChange, there is an enormous amount of culturally accepted publicity:
  • scientific publishing, even by the OpenAccess movement.
  • politics
  • culture (theaters, music, exhibitions, performances, lectures)
  • photography
  • sports
  • genealogy
  • etc. Most of these areas are growing and producing more and more data with ExPo'nential pace. "Quality" of the data may be disputed, but the pure amount of data, broken down into countable bits, cleary show an ExPo'nential slope. One of the best examples of this trend line is WikiPedia and it's countless spin-offs and sister projects like StadtWiki's. We live in a world of accumulating KnowLedge. However, we lack a clear common vision and LeitBild. At foremost, we lack a clear cultural anchoring of the desire to be part of this global UniVerse of KnowLedge. From now on, we will consequently head towards this digital WorldCulture. We will call it the NooSphere.