gibt es nicht wirklich. Ist sowas wie MonoPoly, aber auf einer FutureMap. This game will AcCelerate. Maybe UnTil2010, several hundred players may play this game permanently. The FutureLaw will permanently change and adopt. FutureCard's will fly around PlanetEarth, carried by MindPost. In dozens of MindCity's, players may come together at MindEvent's. It may be played inside BigCo's. In many WorldLanguages. The fundamental experience of FutureGame should be Ā»vitesseĀ«. It is like a conversation, which can optionally be fueled with MetaBeer, MindEis or MindCuisine. The FutureCaptain ensures, that the game remains "on track". So during there FutureGame there will be a RealTime experience. Since the usual structure of a conversation has no predefined order or agenda, The game has an increasing complexity. There will be an experience of an external world which InFluence's the FutureGame. It connects HotTopics and MindPeople beyond the horizont of the table. __FutureGame__.