NoOs is a new social OperatingSystem on top of GoogleAppEngine that is based on OpenNess and a global WebOfTrust. Anything that happens on NoOs is public. It helps to build a SocialGraph that is complementary to FaceBook TwittEr GoogleWave WindowsLiveId OpenId or YaHoo and additionally based on WikiPedia ViAf and DbLp. NoOs will create
  • MicroNation's
  • VirtualCash
  • Semantics, Trust and Reasoning.
  • At the core we have TruePeople who act with their RealName. NoOs is based on the spirit of OpenNess of ProJect's like WikiPedia or OpenStreetMap. If you are looking for private contexts, this is not supported by NoOs. AppEngine offers the InfraStructure to server side SoftWare of almost unlimited ComPlex'ity. Now our task is to improve the CloJure function called "noomic" step by step. It is quite similar to what Java developers will know as a servlet. However, NoOs is completely dynamic. In the 0.1 release, each admin can edit this function and therewith determine the behaviour of the entire platform. So it is completely open to the initial group of people to form a good WebOfTrust and to establish practises like PeerReview, testing procedures and quality assurance. The LongTerm goal of NoOs is to create a digital model of global ConScious'ness. Most important Motiv of the NooSphere: Based on [DeWikiPedia:Mimesis], ConScious'ness is TransForm'ed into more and more simple SoftWare. ComPress'ed SelfModel. BeingNoOne. UpLoad PostSingular AccelerAndo InfoMorph HumanOs OperatingSystem BootStrap