Inspired by HutterPrize. But for the file http://mindbroker.de/mindprize.zip (Size: 11.247.038 bytes, MD5 sum: c079310e698ae3720b9f4910dc9303fe) which is a dump of the MindWiki. Prize: 500.000 KayGroschen for CitiZens of NooPolis who achive the best ComPression of mindprize.zip DeadLine: tbd. The participant has to publish a zip compressed file on his website which, after unzipping, can be started via ApacheMaven "mvn jetty:run". After launching [] the file SourceCode must generate mindprize.zip with the correct MD5 sum. The MindMac of the jury will have no InterNet connection during evaluation. If you want to participate in the MindPrize, please JoinNow.