A little CrowdWisdom experiment with the sole purpose to answer the question: Who is the best SingularityMind on PlanetEarth to imagine the possible futures of the year 2040 and beyond? This question is answered by mutual guesses of SingularityMind's about their ShockLevel. We start with a WikiTable (Later as WebApp: http://futures.mindbroker.de ?) : ||SingularityMind ||ShockLevel||Guessed by |EliezerYudkowsky |3.9 |RainerWasserfuhr |MichaelAnissimov |3.9 |RainerWasserfuhr |TeilhardDeChardin|3.9 |RainerWasserfuhr |SiggiBecker |3.81|RainerWasserfuhr |RayKurzweil |3.8 |RainerWasserfuhr |PeterThiel |3.6 |RainerWasserfuhr |RainerWasserfuhr |3.14|RainerWasserfuhr |JosephRatzinger |2.8 |RainerWasserfuhr |MatthiasHorx |2.5 |RainerWasserfuhr |BarackObama |2.1 |RainerWasserfuhr |AngelaMerkel |1.41|RainerWasserfuhr Further candidates: see SingularityMind