The MindBase is a HadoopHBase based DataBase operated on our SocialGrid. CitiZens with sufficient MindTrust will be soon able to submit MapReduce jobs via NooMic to the MindBase in order to create new and exciting MashUp's from the DataMap of NooPolis. how to organise the basic table structure? Some ideas:
  • with a very fundamental time series data model (a long as a key class, derived from java.util.Date.getTime() )
  • a randomly generated key class, each representing an address of a neuron in a neuro-semantic-network. Basic idea is to approximate neuron activities with highly parallelized MapReduce jobs.
  • What will be the central UseCase's?:
  • MindWiki: ReVision's, BackLink's, MindProps, MindTags
  • MindId: InVite
  • PieschenBank: PayMent's
  • WikiLender
  • Generic WikiTable
  • Later:
  • MindFeeds: FeedItem
  • WortSchatz
  • As a foundation: An EpisodicMemory with time axis. The WebApp's will subscribe to DiFer'ent views of the MindBase.