[OpenCog:TimeServer] TheExperiment showed: The [AgiriWiki:Memory] has to be very fluent. Of course there is some "absolute" time axis, which is focused around a standard model of time like UnixTime. Many sources of time related information have ConText's with TimeZone's and systematic time clock errors, e.g. from time series of devices. [WikiWikiWeb:DaylightSavingTime] will produce a systematic error bias. The most important sources for EpisodicMemory:
  • WikiPage's of the MindWiki, including
  • ReVision's from RecentChanges
  • JahrGang and LebensEnde of MindPeople
  • WikiLender and WasWar
  • timestamps from the DataMap (mainly DelIcioUs, TwittEr, FlickEr, FriendFeed, SeesMic, BlogLines, XingLe-InBox)
  • timestamps from WebApp's (BankAccount, MindFloor)
  • WikiPedia (almost only MindEvent's with a precision of one day; exact MindPlace and time must be InFer'ed from ConText)