EigenMuster are the core of NewMind. Let's do the math: 100b neurons with avg 1000 synaptic connections each. Somewhere deep inside this haystack there might be a representation of a HalleBerry-pattern, which fires when you see a woman with certain body properties returning from a bath in the sea back to the IslandsOfHumanIntelligence as HalleBerry did in DieAnotherDay. Now lets assume you are a Mind-Body-AvaTar like ReneDescartes suggested. Inside your mind there are round about 620.*8bit. You are on honeymoon. Your just-married TraumPartner is beside you. You are on the beach, reading a book called SingularityIsNear. This night you are going to produce a new WunderKind. Then you raise your head towards the horizon and suddenly you see HalleBerry. Now describe the state of your EigenMuster.