We want to play a real world game of chess with the StadtDresden serving as the chess board and real people serving as pieces: <>

(view [with Google Maps|http://maps.google.com/maps?q=http://id.mindbroker.de/chess], view [with Google Earth|http://id.mindbroker.de/chess])

The Rules:

  • 32 human players, so
  • 16 for Team White
  • 16 for Team Black
  • duration: 5 hours max.
  • allowed moves are those of traditional Chess, except for pawns:
  • pawns can move in any direction, (capture in the traditional way)
  • each team can move it's pieces concurrently
  • a move is valid as soon as
  • a player is inside the BoundingBox of a MindPlace which is geotagged in the MindWiki and
  • she TwittEr's a L: where is inside a chess square.
  • a player can move either by
  • walking
  • unicycle
  • bicycle
  • public transport
  • the players have to obey to the rules of StrassenVerkehrsOrdnung:
  • only use mobiles when you are not a VerkehrsTeilnehmer
  • the winner is the team which
  • plays checkmate or
  • has more pieces after 5 hours
  • Player

    Currently the following players have declared their interest to participate: ||Team||piece||Interested |white|queen|LysannB. |white|king |ChristineSchlinck |white|rook |? |white|pawn |MichaelWinkler |... |... |... |black|queen|YvonneSchubert |black|king |? |black|... |black|pawn |HG |black|pawn |LG |... |... |... MaOl JoGo If you are interested to participate, please ConTact us.


    || ||a ||b ||c ||d ||e ||f ||g ||h ||8|KinderOase |FoersterBistro |PensionWieczorek |DieGartenkinder |PensionAmHellerhof | ||7|JugendtreffOase |QueensPub | ||6 ||5 ||4 ||3 ||2 ||1|FoerstersRestaurant|BarSonderbar |VatersEinkehr |HelmholtzApotheke |LukasKirche |CafeJaehnig |GaestehausDerTu |PalaisImGrossenGarten Initially we planned a date during the SchachOlympiade (the saturdays of 20081115 or 20081122), but we did not have enough time and MitWirkende. WeiterMachen in 2009?