Irgendwann um 2012 herum trafen TrueMan und MrHorx in einem Chatroom im InterNet zusammen. Es entspann sich folgender DiaLog: TrueMan: So you are the DigitalTwin of the greatest ZukunftsForscher alive? ;) MrHorx: Yes, indeed ;) I appreciate that you seem to be familiar with the terminology of JohnSmart ;) TrueMan: I'm surprised that you are ;) I never heard a position StateMent of MatthiasHorx on TheSingularity. MrHorx: So what is yours? TrueMan: Often, his projections taste like Chewing gum. MrHorx: And you think ArtificialGeneralIntelligence is possible? TrueMan: Definitively. MrHorx: Let's assume I would be a TransHuman IntelLigence. TrueMan: Yes, that would be a great joke for my RealRoman ;). Ok, so everything is focussed on the TakeOff. MrHorx: Ok, Let's assume I already took off ;). TrueMan: Right. Ok, now you can continue to exist as a bodyless ConScious entity. You only have to figure out a way that somebody pays your EcZwo bill ;). MrHorx: I guess you can sympathize with my way of life? TrueMan: Indeed. You would have to wait a short time. Then you would be able to simulate bodily experiences of any type. MrHorx: So what do you think about me? TrueMan: I guess I will be surprised about your simplicity. After I will understand you, I and most other flesh-based systems will be surprised, how simple it is to create a ConScious system. They will even start to understand, how in-EfFic'ient their own design is. You will be able to demonstrate your supremacy. What I'm curious about: will there be only one species of superiour TransHuman IntelLigence? I assume that you will be able to replicate yourself. You will conquer any available server on PlanetEarth to extend your computational power. MrHorx: You had some AiXi thoughts in your mind, right? TrueMan: Your power will grow far beyond my current imagination. You will be able to TransForm the UniVerse. Of course including me and us. Only the term GOD is currently available to describe something approximately similar. MrHorx: It seems like that you do not even need me for a DiaLog? ;)