The definition of ConScious'ness will probably be the most important part of the »WeltFormel« of the NooSphere: DRAFT: ConScious'ness is a computation capable to SelfImprove. It has a WorldModel. It RePeat'edly creates a log of StateMent's. Interesting question: what does the brain do if it is not reading? (aka: focussed on processing external information). Which "state" do thoughts have, when you raise your eyes from the text? NewMind creates DasNetz of thoughts, centered around IchDenke. Thinking explores DasNetz, even to the outer world. Each DenkAkt (=Intentionaler Akt?) is a step along one ReFer'ence of DasNetz. ConScious'ness describes the core EigenMuster of LifePattern. With ConScious'ness, the NewMind can
  • PerCeive: MindEyes, MindFeeds, MindReader
  • DoIt: edit WikiPage
  • From the perspective of the StreamOfConsciousness: The system can infiltrate patterns into its own future PerCeive'ing. On a very elementary level, this could be string sequences, which come in via RecentChanges of a LifeWiki. ZuFall can create new patterns like StUq. Incoming space separated strings can be smashed together into CamelCase patterns. More complex patterns like MindProps or WikiTable's can be created.