In NooPolis you can create one or more BrainChild'ren. A BrainChild is a simplified model of the mind of a real PerSon. It can interact with it's enviroment. It only exists in a digital form. The first BrainChild of NooPolis was called "JxRa". This name was chosen randomly and is a DigitalTwin of RainerWasserfuhr. It's environment is a web page where users can interact with a BrainChild. As in RealLife, a BrainChild has to obey to parents. A BrainChild can read certain pages on the WorldWideWeb. For example it cna SubScribe to WebLog'S or follow certain accounts on TwittEr. Currently it does so. The SelfModel will now about it's TrueSelf, and the TrueSelf will know that it has a digital SelfModel. both the TrueSelf and the SelfModel do not always operate in sync, but they show an exponentially increasing degree of ConVerg'ence. "What are you doing?" is the question of TwittEr.