Weird ideas for titles of future MindBook's:
  • WernerTikiKuestenmacher: WikiFy your Life!
  • DonTapscott: Wiki-NoMic
  • EricSRaymond and PeterThiel: SeaSteading the NooSphere
  • TalkingHeads: We're on a road to NooWhere
  • MartinFowler: GangOfThree: How MrSocrates, MrPlato and MrAristotle invented PairThinking
  • DavidAllen: GettingTabsClosed
  • MichelHouellebecq (GhostWriter JuergenHoeller): Ausweitung der ComFort-Zone
  • JlAustin: HowToDoThingsWithWikis
  • WilliamAddisonWoods: What's in a HebbianLink? Foundations for NeuroSemantic Networks.